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BCDS_WlanDriver.h File Reference
#include "BCDS_Basics.h"
#include "BCDS_Retcode.h"
#include <time.h>
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Data Structures

struct  WlanDriver_SlSpawnMsg_S
 structure definition for spawn message More...




typedef signed int Fd_t
typedef void(* WLANDRIVER_EVENT_HANDLER )(void *pValue)
typedef short(* WLANDRIVER_OSI_SPAWN_ENTRY )(void *pValue)
 type definition for a spawn entry callback More...
typedef void * WlanDriver_OsLockObject
typedef void * WlanDriver_OsSyncObject
typedef uint32_t WlanDriver_OsTime
typedef struct


Retcode_T WlanDriver_DeInit (void)
 Function to De-Initialize the WIFI Driver Layer. disabling WiFi clock , Powering off the WiFi module,Deleting the task and queue created. More...
Retcode_T WlanDriver_DeviceDisable (void)
 Function to write given no of bytes over SPI Function to disable the WIFI device. More...
Retcode_T WlanDriver_DeviceEnable (void)
 Function to enable the WIFI device. More...
Retcode_T WlanDriver_Init (void)
 Function to Initialize the WIFI Driver Layer. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsiSpawn (WLANDRIVER_OSI_SPAWN_ENTRY pEntry, void *pValue, unsigned long flags)
 This function call the pEntry callback from a different context. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsLockObjectCreate (WlanDriver_OsLockObject *pLockObj)
 This function creates a locking object (mutex semaphore) Locking object are used to protect a resource from mutual accesses of two or more threads. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsLockObjectDelete (WlanDriver_OsLockObject *pLockObj)
 This function deletes a locking object. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsLockObjectWait (WlanDriver_OsLockObject *pLockObj, WlanDriver_OsTime TimeOut)
 For details refer API documentation is in the interface header file WlanDriverInterface.h. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsLockUnlock (WlanDriver_OsLockObject *pLockObj)
 This function unlock a locking object. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsSyncObjectClear (WlanDriver_OsSyncObject *pSyncObj)
 This API tries to take the sync object without no wait time. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsSyncObjectCreate (WlanDriver_OsSyncObject *pSyncObj)
 This function creates a sync object (binary semaphore) The sync object is used for synchronization between different thread or ISR and a thread. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsSyncObjectDelete (WlanDriver_OsSyncObject *pSyncObj)
 This function deletes a sync object (binary semaphore) if the input parameter is valid. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsSyncObjectSignal (WlanDriver_OsSyncObject *pSyncObj)
 This function generates a sync signal for the object (binary semaphore) All suspended threads waiting on this sync object are resumed. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsSyncObjectWait (WlanDriver_OsSyncObject *pSyncObj, WlanDriver_OsTime TimeOut)
 This function waits for a sync signal of the specific sync object. More...
int32_t WlanDriver_OsSyncSignalFromISR (WlanDriver_OsSyncObject *pSyncObj)
 This function generates a sync signal for the object from Interrupt. More...
int WlanDriver_RegInterruptHdlr (WLANDRIVER_EVENT_HANDLER InterruptHdl, void *pValue)
 Function to register the Interrupt handler. More...
Retcode_T WlanDriver_SetDeviceTime (struct tm *tm)
 Function to set the current device time. More...
void WlanDriver_SimpleLinkSpawnTask (void *pvParameters)
 This is the simplelink spawn task required to call SimpleLink Driver's callback from a different context. More...
int WlanDriver_SpiClose (Fd_t fd)
 Function to close the SPI port. More...
Fd_t WlanDriver_SpiOpen (char *ifName, unsigned long flags)
 Function to Initialize the SPI port. More...
int WlanDriver_SpiRead (Fd_t fd, unsigned char *pBuff, int len)
 Function to read given number of bytes over SPI. More...
int WlanDriver_SpiWrite (Fd_t fd, unsigned char *pBuff, int len)
 Function to write given no of bytes over SPI. More...

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