XDK API  3.4.0
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 Known IssuesLists known issues in XDK SDK
 XDK Bootloader User GuideExplains XDKs Bootloader
 XDK BoschXDKCloudConnectivity Application GuideThe XDK Bosch XDK Cloud Connectivity application for the XDK implements a simple client, which enables a LWM2M server to read and receive sensor data from the XDK
 XDK Build SystemExplains the build system of XDK
 XDK Energy ManagementOutlines XDKs Energy Management approach
 XDK Extension Bus User Guide
 XDK Migration GuideOutlines the changes between the version XDK-1.3.0 ,XDK-1.5.0, XDK-1.5.2, XDK-2.0.1, XDK-3.0.0, XDK-3.0.1 & above
 XDK Operation ModesExplains XDK Operation Modes, meaning of LEDs, Assertions and Stack Overflows
 XDK Software Startup GuideExplains XDK Startup Procedure and how you can customize it
 XDK USB Device HandlingOutlines XDKs behaviour when connected via USB
 Virtual XDK Application GuideXDK is presented in a playful fashion on a mobile device that is connected to XDK via BLE. Interacting with the physical XDK will manipulate the virtual XDK
 Release Notes of XDK SDKProvides Release Notes and Version History of XDK SDK
 Deprecated List

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