Virtual XDK iOS app improvements
8/28/16 8:52 AM

Really great that you have made this app available in the Apple App store. Before, I had to install this with my Mac, Xcode, and Certificates manually which took hours every time (updating all the source code, lib, Xcode). Now I can run with my XDK with the Virtual XDK Image and connect to any iOS device!

I have some ideas for improvement:

1) Please point to the XDK source code for this in the app and in the store.

2) The contrast and change of values for light, humidity, and SD card is difficult to observe. Just make the light completely white

3) The symbol in the upper right corner (the compass) does not react to a click to explain itself.

4) Temperature measurement is "wrong" and needs calibration and ajustment from own heat.

5) What about adding an accelerometer?

Cheers, @stefferber

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