5/18/17 4:02 PM

Hello Guys,

after flashing the demo to my XDK the app do not find my device.

What can be the problem?

Thanks for your help.


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RE: DVX_DemovirtualXDK
5/19/17 1:31 PM as a reply to Johannes Scholz.

Hello Johannes,

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce your issue, since scanning and finding an XDK device on my Android and iOS and the newest Virtual XDK app is working.

I think the device scan might have gotten stuck. I’d suggest, you keep the XDK turned on (with the Virtual XDK Demo flashed and running), and terminate the Virtual XDK app process entirely on your Android or iOS device. Then, start the Virtual XDK app again and try scanning it again.

If that does not work, the issue might lie in the fact that your android or iOS device does not support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), but the Virtual XDK requires it.

Therefore I recommend to verify if your device is supporting BLE.

Please tell me if this is helpful and do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,

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