From mbed connector to Azure
10/13/17 2:38 AM

Hi community,

I am currently working on mbed demo. Now I can successfully connect my XDK to mbed client. (thanks to Franjo's help in my previous thread) Do anybody have any idea how to connect mbed connector to Azure IOT HUB?

Much appreciated!


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RE: From mbed connector to Azure
10/13/17 9:49 AM as a reply to Dongyu Zhao.


I am not embedded developer, so I can't help with demo and real examples. The easiest way would be through MQTT. I am working with Arduino platforms (EsP8266 + Arduino IDE), and for that I found examples. The hardest challenge for Azure IoT clients are security tasks (TLS, SHA-256 ..whatever it means).

I've noticed in one post here in forum, MQTT library for Bosch Workbench is in transition from Paho, and new examples will be published

Here are some useful links:

I am very interested in creating Azure demo examples for Bosch XDK, so I will try to collaborate as much as I can....


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RE: From mbed connector to Azure
10/13/17 1:53 PM as a reply to Zoran Roncevic.

Hello Dongyu,

I took a look into how the mbed client could be connected to the Azure IoT Hub, and the most promising solution seems to be this.

You can mostly follow the documentation given there. The aim is to set up a bridge between IoTHub and mbed, using third-party tools. Of course, you can skip the first step of setting up a project and connecting a device to mbed, since you have done that already with the XDK.

I have not tried this method yet, but it seems promising. The mbed Device Connector IoTHub bridge container that is used in that tutorial could also be set up on a virtual machine on Azure, if you wish the application to be entirely cloud-based.

On the other hand, the Azure IoT Hub allows for connections using the MQTT protocol, and as Zoran mentioned, the most difficult part about it is establishing the security of the connection. In any case, the MQTT API is not available yet, but will be released in a future XDK-Workbench version. If you still want to go for the MQTT option, I could send you an XDK MQTT project.

Please tell me if this helpful, and do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Kind regards,

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