Dear All,

I encountered following problem:

The .bin file could be loaded to and runs on XDK with bootloader v0.0.9(purchased in June/Apr'17), while the same file could be flashed to but cannot run on XDK with bootloader v1.1.0(purchased early Sep'17)

Error information given is "Invalid Applicaiton":

INFO | Transmission successfully completed!

INFO | Booting application...


INFO | XDK DEVICE 3: Invalid applicaiton

The workbench verion is 3. 

Any clue to solve this would be very much appreciated.

Ms. Zhu

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RE: XDK w bootloader v1.10 Invalid Application, while XDK w Bootloader v0.0
11/7/17 4:21 PM as a reply to Bochun Zhu.

Hello Bochum,

Your issue appears because there is a difference between the Bootloader versions of your two XDKs. To resolve this issue, right-click the project you want to flash, browse down to Configure and select Add XDK Nature.

Afterwards, you should be able to flash the project to the XDK successfully.

Please let me know if that was helpful and do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,

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