11/14/17 6:41 PM

I can't access to the portal, is someone going to fix it? is going to be down forever?

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11/15/17 2:16 PM as a reply to Emmanuel Martinez.

Hello Emmanuel,

the portal seems to be offline. This is most likely permanent, as the support for the Bosch XDK Portal demo was already discontinued a while ago, in favor of another project.

That other project is the BoschXDKCloudConnectivity Example, introduced with XDK-Workbench version 3.0.0. It is available directly in the Welcome-Screen of the XDK-Workbench, but requires some setup. How to setup the XDK to connect to the Cloud is explained in this tutorial here.

Unfortunately, the Cloud does not offer a way to visualize the sensor data of the XDK without any additional programming effort, yet. A dashboard for visualization is currently in development. That aside, the Cloud offers comprehensive API to access the XDK data directly, for example via HTTP.

Please tell me if this was helpful and do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Kind regards,

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