Synchronizing of at least 2 XDK
1/8/18 11:06 AM


I want to synchronize the data acquisition of at least 2 XDK units at high acquisition rates

to be able to monitor phase shifting as well. How could this be done with "on-board" features?

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RE: Synchronizing of at least 2 XDK
1/8/18 2:13 PM as a reply to Ralf Naumann.

Hello Ralf,

First, I like to welcome you to the XDK community.

Regarding your use case, there is no on-board feature that allows for a simple implementation of synchronization between multiple XDKs. In fact, it is quite difficult to perfectly synchronize two embedded devices, let alone two XDKs, using networking.

The simplest, and actually most efficient way, would be to use an external clock, which connects to one of the GPIO pins on each of the XDK's extension boards respectively.

The clock would trigger an interrupt, which both XDKs would react to with nearly identical delay. That would essentially be optimal synchronization. But that would require both XDKs to be connected and dependent on each other. Additionally, since you may want to use even more XDKs, this solution would not be feasible.

Another option would be to request the current time from an NTP or a PTP server. These are used to retrieve the current time from a third party, since the XDK itself cannot know the time during startup.

This would allow for both devices to know the current time, and schedule the start of data acquisition to a certain point in time. But keep in mind that there still may be time discrepancy between the two timestamps which the XDKs receive respectively, because the time is acquired via network.

Does one of those solutions apply to your use case? If not, could you elaborate a bit further, what you intend to do? What data are you trying to collect? What is a high acquisition rate in your case?

Please tell me if this was helpful and feel free to ask further questions.

Kind regards,

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