Bosch Cloud Iot Live data not working
1/10/18 4:51 PM

I'm trying to connect to the Live data option in the Bosh Iot but it does not seem to be loading, is the live option down?

I know my XDK is conected to the service since is change the color in my things.

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RE: Bosch Cloud Iot Live data not working
1/11/18 6:14 PM as a reply to Emmanuel Martinez.

Hello Emmanuel,

I tested the feature with my XDK. As far as I can tell, it is working without issues. Since I am not able to reproduce the issues and the feature is still a beta without any warranties or guarantee to work at all times, I guess it may not work at all times.

Could you try it out again, to see if it still does not work? If it still does not work, could you send a screenshot of the website when you're on the respective page? Additionally, could you copy the console log of the XDK-Workbench ~40 seconds after booting the application?

Kind regards,

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