Hey guys,

i'm currently working with a collegue from university on a project to show data from the xdk on an android smartphone and write a detailed self-instruction guide to establish the whole system for clueless people.

I coded the app and it works (client-Server connection), my collegue is responsible for the xdk to send data to the server. He currently has problems with that, thats why i wrote this post. 

- Our server is https://wircon-int.net/clientarea.php
- XDK connects over wifi, but does not send data to server
- He went through the HTTP Guide and HTTPS Guide, i found a similiar task "SendAccelerometerDataOverBle" in the guide "Overview Examples XDK110" on page 11, but we dont know how in ddetail how the xdk can send data to server.

Thanks already for your help.



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RE: How to send Accelerometer Data to Server
2/12/18 5:42 PM as a reply to Daniel Wurster.
Hello Daniel,

since the server's address is prefixed with https:// , I would like to know if it is safe to assume that the sensor data cannot be pushed without the security element of the HTTP request. Is that correct?

In that case, the HTTP example and the HTTP guide can not be used at all, and you would have to use HTTPS guide instead.

It would also be useful to know, what exactly you tried, and what the exact issues were. In general, if the code snippets from the HTTPS guide (or any other guide) are applied correctly and as described in the text of the respective guide, the implementation should work.

If it does not work, it is important to clearly describe what does not work.

As such, could you go more into detail regarding this matter. Is HTTPS mandatory, and what were your steps in trying to implement that on the XDK?

Please tell me if this was helpful, and do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Kind regards,
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