I want to test the wireless communication for the local certification progress.

They want to set up the wireless Bluetooth & Wifi communication at the same time.

However, I only could check the each of the test file. -> Bluetooth(SendAccelerometerDataOverBle)

-> Wifi(WlanNetworkManagement)


Do you have the one source code for testing wireless communication at the same time?(Blue&Wifi)

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RE: Blutooth & Wifi test for wireless communication
2/13/18 2:25 PM as a reply to Choi Goeun.
Hello Choi,

Unfortunately, there is no example that connects to WiFi and BLE at the same time.

What I can do is confirming that both connections will work at the same time, since they are handled by different chips, which each have a dedicated connection to the MCU of the XDK.

The capability is there, but the only way to test it out is to create your own project. For this, you can refer to the WiFi guide and the BLE guide, which you can find in the Learning Section .

Alternatively, you could attempt to merge the two examples you mentioned into a single project. This would take some effort, but it is generally possible.

Please tell me if this was helpful, and do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Kind regards,
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