QR code to demo
3/8/18 8:09 PM
Hello, I saw a demo at Industry 4.0 in Manchester where you could scan a QR code and get the live demo on your own device. Any idea how I can create this please?
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RE: QR code to demo
3/9/18 9:53 AM as a reply to Brendan Kendrick.
Hello Brendan,

I have no information regarding this QR Code Scanning demonstration yet.

I assume this is a specific smartphone app, that scans QR codes, which initiates downloading an XDK Application from the internet (or uses one that is available locally on the smartphone) and flashes it to the XDK via USB or Bluetooth.

Could you give me some more information on the setup? Were the XDK and the smartphone connected in any specific way? Can you perhaps provide a link to any article regarding this? I would need to understand the setup, before I can give an idea on how to do this.

Kind regards,
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