workbench bug
3/13/18 6:07 AM

Hello Community


I changed the header file source through community search to use the 3.3v output on the extension board. If you press the f3 button to see the contents of the header file, you will get an error when you try to build the next one. To resolve this error, it is necessary to remove the imported project and overwrite the backed up sdk folder.

Can you tell me more about this issue?
I just saw the header file, but suddenly I get a build error.

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RE: workbench bug
3/13/18 5:50 PM as a reply to jang.
 Hello Jang,

Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce your issue, due to lack of information. Could you go more into detail about your use case and which header file you are using, that causes errors?

Are you referring to the function Board_WakeupPowerSupply2V5() from the BoardShared.h interface?

Additionally, could you please provide an error log of your XDK-Workbench's console?

Kind regards,
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