Use of a mobile router R216-Z
4/14/18 12:32 PM


I try to connect the XDK to a mobile router. But it becomes a failure.

The program is working fine on my home router.

The failure occurs by WlanConnect_WPA()


The following code is used:

    printf("\n\r[NCA] : XDK will connect to %s network.\n\r",
    retStatus[4] = (Retcode_T) WlanConnect_WPA(connectSSID, connectPassPhrase,
    if (RETCODE_OK == retStatus[4])
        printf("[NCA] : Connected successfully.\n\r");
    else if ((Retcode_T) RETCODE_CONNECTION_ERROR == Retcode_GetCode(retStatus[4]))
        printf("[NCA] : WLI_connectWPA API SSID has failed!\n\r");
    else if ((Retcode_T) RETCODE_ERROR_WRONG_PASSWORD == Retcode_GetCode(retStatus[4]))
        printf("[NCA] : WLI_connectWPA API PASSWORD has failed!\n\r");
        printf("[NCA] : WLI_connectWPA API  has failed!\n\r");

And I become the message: [NCA] : WLI_connectWPA API SSID has failed


Do you have any idea, what is going wrong?



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RE: Use of a mobile router R216-Z
4/16/18 12:19 PM as a reply to François Boissinot.
Hello Francois,

this has most likely to do with the settings of the mobile router.

It should be configured to use WPA/WPA2 and a frequency of 2,4GHz. If your mobile router uses 5GHz, the XDK will not recognize it.

The WlanNetworkManagement example from the XDK-Workbench Welcome Screen should also list the router's SSID to the console, if the router's configuration works with the XDK.

Please tell me if this was helpful, and do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Kind regards,
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