Templates (Code/Setup)
6/10/18 10:13 AM


are there any current code (setup) templates to connect the BOSCH XDK to Relayr or any other suitable IoT dashboard, like Azure IoT Hub?

I am not a developer myself (I run a factory), but I am already doing a C programming online class on Udemy, BUT, it will take me a while with my current workload to get this to a serious enough level. Up till then, I will tweak and hack my way through templates ...

Grateful for any hints!!


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RE: Templates (Code/Setup)
6/11/18 1:13 PM as a reply to Lutz Villalba.
Hello Lutz,

first, I would like to kindly welcome you to the XDK Community.

I am glad to hear that you are investing time in learning C. If there is anything you would like to ask in regards to the XDK and the C Language (preferrably in the context of an XDK Application), then I would be glad to answer.

Regarding templates to connect to IoT dashboards, the XDK-Workbench version 3.0.0+ offer the BoschXdkCloudConnectivity in the Welcome Screen. This will connect the XDK to the Bosch IoT Cloud using Lwm2m, and sensor data can be retrieved using a REST API. For more information, please follow this link

There is also a Relayr Client implementation for the XDK available in this repository here , provided by relayr. Unfortunately, this example had been written in the early times of the XDK and will require XDK-Workbench 1.3 for any modifications.

Additionally, an mbed client demo is available here .

Examples for Azure or AWS are not yet available, unfortunately.

Please tell me if this was helpful, and do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Kind regards,
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