BLE Services
9/13/18 5:18 PM

Hi again!

I've been working on the XDK's BLE API,  and I have some questions about it:

1. I don't understand what is the difference between "BLE_BCDS_BIDIRECTIONAL_SERVICE" and "BLE_XDK_SENSOR_SERVICES", besides I did not find explanations about "BLE_XDK_GRIDEYE_SERVICE" and "BLE_USER_CUSTOM_SERVICE".

2. The BLE notify service has not been implemented yet on the XDK, right? In that case, where could I start to develop an API from scratch or is there a library you recommend?


Thanks in advance.

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RE: BLE Services
9/14/18 2:50 PM as a reply to Rolando Gonzalez.
Hello Rolando,

I will gladly more information about the currently supported services of the high-level BLE API.
  • The bidrectional service configured by BLE_BCDS_BIDIRECTIONAL_SERVICE is simply a service which transmits and receives strings.
  • The sensor service configured by BLE_XDK_SENSOR_SERVICES enables a service for every sensor to send data out
  • The custom service configured by BLE_USER_CUSTOM_SERVICE is used to build own custom services

Furthermore, the BLE notify service has not been implemented yet. But you could build it by using the custom service. For that, I recommend taking a look at the comments at the beginning in the interface BCDS_BlePeripheral.h .

Please let me know if this was helpful and feel free to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,
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