Since I don't have good knowledge in coding, can anyone help me in proving basic codes to use the acclerator sensor and also want the codes to save the information on the SD card.


Thanks in advance,


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RE: Sample acclerator sensor Conding required
10/9/18 2:39 PM as a reply to Alberto Icardi.
Hello Alberto,

Unfortunately, there is no ready to go project available, which suits the functionality you asked for.

Since the XDK is designed as an open programmable platform, which can be programmed in the languages C and Mita, it will be necessary that you at least consider getting familiar with some basic concepts of both languages.

For that, I strongly recommend going through some basic guides in regards to programming. Additionally, I recommend registering an account at the XDK knowledgebase . There you will find all information you require for programming the XDK. Especially the Getting started section will be helpful for building applications for the XDK.

Afterwards, I recommend taking a look at the Sensor and Data Storage section. There you will find explanations and code examples about how to use the XDKs acceleration sensor and the SD card.

Please tell me if this was helpful and feel free to ask further questions.

Kind regards,
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