Once I flash the BoschXDKCloudConnectivity example to the XDK there is no feedback from the console or from the LED's. On the Bosch IOT Things Website the XDK remains dark blue indicating that no connection has been made.


I have previously been able to connect to the Leshan server using the Lwm2mExampleClient so I can assume that the WLAN credentials are correct and functional. 


I have filled out all the fields in the BoschXDKCloudConnectivity>source>config>config.txt file that had warnings associated with them. I used the information from the config.txt file provided to fill out those fields.


I am having no luck connecting the XDK to the Bosch Cloud. It seems as if the tutorial linked below is not updated for the XDK Workbench v3.4. Thanks in advance for your help!



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RE: BoschXDKCloudConnectivity No Feedback Once Flashed
10/10/18 8:35 AM as a reply to John O'Brien.
Hello John,

First, I would like to welcome you to the XDK community.

The issue you mentioned is an already known reported bug within the BoschXDKCloudConnectivity example.

Until the bug is fixed, I can only recommend to use the BoschXDKCloudConnectivity example from the XDK-Workbench 3.3.1.
Since the functionality stayed the same during the update to the XDK-Workbench 3.4.0 and also your config file should work on it either, this would be the workaround.

Otherwise, I can only ask you for patience.

Kind regards,
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