customize internal sensors
10/19/18 7:31 AM

Hello all,

i want to do some vibration analysis in the next time. For that my first idea was to work with the internal sensors of the XDK. The XDK_Guide_Sensor says that the maximum sampling rate is about 1kHz limited of the I2C bus.

For my application i need a higher sampling rate. So i asked myself if it is possible to access the internal sensors more directly (with EMlib library for example) to costumize the configuration and to increase the sampling rate.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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RE: customize internal sensors
10/19/18 5:07 PM as a reply to Christian Köhler.
Hello Christian,

Unfortunately, higher sampling rates are currently not supported by the XDKs SDK. But I heard of custom implementations, which made higher sampling rates possible. An example for that would be the new Data Logger , which is available on the Bosch IoT marketplace .

If you require a higher sampling rate of any certain accelerometer, you would need to implement the functionality on your own.

Please feel free to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,
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