Flashing the sensor
11/7/18 8:10 AM


Whenever I flash my sensor the red and the orange lights blink and later after flashing the sensor none of the lights blink.

How will I know whether my sensor is working or not?




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RE: Flashing the sensor
11/7/18 2:13 PM as a reply to Alberto Icardi.

Hello Alberto,

the behavior your are describing sounds really normal. During the flash operation of the XDK the yellow and red LED are blinking. In normal operating mode none of the LED's are on.

Your programm runs without a user interface. If yout want to make sure the programm is still running you can implement a few lines of code in your task loop to toggle the yellow LED every second.

The code to initialize and control the LED's you can find in the LedsAndButtons example project. For a better understand of the different modes of the XDK you can read the pdf file: XDK_Guide_WB_First_Steps. There are a more detailed description of the different modes.

I hope this was helpfull.

Best regards,


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RE: Flashing the sensor
11/7/18 4:03 PM as a reply to Christian Köhler.
Hello guys,

Christian, thank you for the helping hand, this is a good advice.

Alberto, this is a general recommendation to use printouts like printf("Something happened!\r\n") in your project's source code, to observe unknown behavior, not just for this current project.

Please let me know if this was helpful and feel free to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,
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