Problem with REST API
11/8/18 11:41 AM



i have a small, maybe trivial problem with the REST API under

I provided the api token but when i try to test some requests i laways gete a dialog requesting username and password. 

i tried all my account variations but the dialog appears again and again.

Which username password combination should i use there ?

Guidiance appreciated :-) 

Kind regards


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RE: Problem with REST API
11/9/18 3:41 PM as a reply to Sven Kabitzki.
Dear Sven,

Unfortunately, I cannot give you guidance here, since I get the exact same issue.

But I forwarded the issue to the Bosch SI Support, which is reachable via the email address

Please note in case of concrete issues such as the username and passphrase with the Bosch IoT cloud, I recommend contacting the Bosch SI support directly.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Kind regards,
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