I tried to connect an I2c sensor to the XDK but not able to see any output in the Console.

Thank you.

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RE: XDKExtensionPort example not working for I2c
2/7/19 4:47 PM as a reply to AnanthaChakravarthi Immadi.
Hello Immadi,
first of all, let me welcome you to the XDK Community.

The I2C part of the example has the following description:

I2C Demo application description
  1. In this demo application, our device is interfaced to extension port I2C pins and basic read and write to the device registers is performed.
  2. The user is requested to use this application for reference purpose only and can modify based on their needs.
That means it includes, unfortunately, no implementation to display the received data in the console of the XDK-Workbench console. This is a functionality you would have to add yourself.

For example, after each call of ExtensionI2cExample_Read() you could put the read content into a call of the function printf() .

Please tell me if this was helpful, and do not hesitate to ask further questions.

Kind regards,
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