Gyroscope readings turn zero
2/8/19 10:08 PM

Hi all,

Been trying to use Gyroscope readings and I find that even if the module is tilted and at angle 45, the sensor goes to 45 and then goes back to 0.


Can someone tell me a solution to this?

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RE: Gyroscope readings turn zero
2/9/19 12:34 PM as a reply to SARTHAK KELAPURE.
Hi Sarthak,

The output of the gyroscope is the rate of rotation and not the current angle, which explains why you get a signal while moving and a zero when not moving. To get the angle or orientation you need to integrate and filter this signal, especially combined with other sensor signals like the accelerometer and the magnetometer, as the MEMS gyroscope information is not reliable after some time without movements.

Best regards,

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