Semantic Error
3/12/19 10:03 AM

Hi, XDK Community, I was doing  some modification to my code, then occured semantic error, unfortunately I did to many changes to my project so it's somewhat difficult to track the changes that cause the error. How to fix semantic error ?

Type 'RETCODE(RETCODE_SEVERITY_ERROR, RETCODE_NULL_POINTER)' could not be resolved >> Semantic Error
Type 'uint32_t' could not be resolved >> Semantic Error

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RE: Semantic Error
3/14/19 12:11 PM as a reply to Visit Silmi.

Hi Visit Silmi,

Include the BCDS_Retcode.h (In Platform/Essentials/include) file to your application for resolving below error



For resolving the uint32_t error, map the stdint.h path properly to your application.

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Vijaya Kumar B


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