Data Through UDP
3/29/19 5:36 PM
Hi, I am using XDK Workbench 3.5.0, and I am using example SendAccelDataOverUdpAndBle. I am trying to send all 8 sensor data using UDP. Hope you could guild me. Thank you!
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RE: Data Through UDP
4/1/19 10:07 AM as a reply to ng John.

Hi John,

The following steps will guide you to use the udp application.

1. In Appcontroller.h provide WLAN_SSID , WLAN_PSK, DEST_SERVER_IP and DEST_SERVER_PORT

2. In Appcontroller.c enable 'SensorSetup'

3.In AppControllerFire assign required sensor values in accelDataUdpTxBuffer.

4.Also increase buffer length APP_CONTROLLER_TX_AXIS_COUNT

5. Screenshots attached for your reference.

Thank You :)


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