Include VL53L0X_api
5/15/19 7:27 AM

hello everybody,

I would like to use the API of the vl53l0x sensor from ST Microelectronics. Unfortunately, I get an error message (no such file or directory) when building the program if I want to include the "VL53L0X_api.h". The file is stored in the workspace under "... \ SDK \ xdk110 \ Libraries \ FreeRTOS \ 3rd-party \ third_party \ mcu_vendor \ st \ stm32l475_discovery \ BSP \ Components \ vl53l0x".
can someone help me to integrate the file?



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RE: Include VL53L0X_api
5/15/19 12:25 PM as a reply to Sandro Götz.

Hi Sandro,

the easiest way is if you move the contents of the vI53I0x folder into the source folder and then adjust the make file accordingly. But I suspect that there will be conflicts because the XDK is not an ST platform and you would have to adjust the HAL.



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