Mita with Sntp and MQTT
8/13/19 6:23 AM

Hello community,


I'm working since a few days with mita. My goal is to send the sensor data to a broker via MQTT. The Connection to WiFi and also MQTT is working already. 

Now I want into the payload of the messages next to the sensor value also a timestamp. 


While searching how to integrate a the timestamp I found 'this'


I have copied the code for "systime.h" as described. 

Also the right timestamp is printed into the console. Therefore I'm sure the connection to the SNTP-Server is also working. 


But now to my Problem, I have no idea how to get the timestamp from the c-file into the mita file. 

It would be nice, if someone knows how to declare the timestamp that it is callable in mita. 


Thanks in advance!


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RE: Mita with Sntp and MQTT
8/13/19 7:46 AM as a reply to Felix Kühn.

Hi Felilx,

Here is a description of how to make a function written in native C known to Mita:



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