I want to connect a Wi-Fi which has username and password part. I can connect to personal Wi-Fi, however I can't add a username part to WLAN connection code. My code is in below. I also tried Enterprise(username="USER", password="PASS");, but it doesn't work. My code is in below. What should I add?
setup wireless : WLAN {
    ssid = "arwifi";
    authentication = Personal(psk="PASS");
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RE: Connecting to a Wi-Fi Which Has Additional Username and Password
8/27/19 9:27 AM as a reply to Serhan Kalmis.

Hi Serhan

Use the below code to set the WiFI

setup wifi : WLAN {
    authentication = Personal(psk='myPassword');
    ssid = 'mySSID';

Also refer to https://developer.bosch.com/web/xdk/getting-started if you face any issues in MITA

Thank you


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