Hi Guys,
  Do you know how to build up a static library with the tool chain of our XDK workbench?


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how to build the static library with the XDK tool chain
2/26/16 1:28 PM as a reply to kun wang.
Hi Ken,

i don’t know, if there is a „best practice“ way with the workbench.

But I think, you can set up a new empty project with the XDK-toolchain.
Thereafter, you create the source and corresponding header file.
Now you can write a makefile to generate the static library file .a.
Please take care to use the compiler and archiver of the XDK-toolchain.

CC = $(BCDS_TOOL_CHAIN_PATH)/arm-none-eabi-gcc
AR = $(BCDS_TOOL_CHAIN_PATH)/arm-none-eabi-ar

Please let me know, if this works.

Kind regards,
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