Battery test with DataLogger
2/16/16 2:14 PM
I'm doing some testing to see how long can I store data.
First I'm working with DemoDataLogger and start with 1 Hz all sensor on:
see picture

I will do some testing with 5 Hz and with a power bank. Can you help me with a power bank. Normally they shut off when the XDK is full charged but will not continue charging if the XDK is without engergy.... I want to increase the running of the XDK to one week.
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Battery test with DataLogger
2/18/16 12:42 PM as a reply to Christian Fiedler.
There are some that start charing again, you should try some local products. In Germany it was from HAMA that we found.
Other than that, you might be able to connect the button of the battery to a GPIO of the XDK, re-triggering the charging from time to time.
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Battery test with DataLogger
2/18/16 1:19 PM as a reply to Kornelius Nägele.
Hello Christian,

most of power banks have a integrated build-in logic. This logic shuts their power pins off, if a device doesn’t charge any more.
If you want to store data over one week, there are two ways:

As Kornelius already said, you can use a power bank that automatically start charging again or doesn’t have an integrated logic.

The easiest way is to connect the XDK with a microUSB cable to a continuous supply source.
For example you can use a 5V/1A usb adapter from a mobile device.

Is this possible for your purposes?

Kind regards
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RE: Battery test with DataLogger
2/7/17 3:37 AM as a reply to Manuel Cerny.

Hey all,

I have the same issue now. I am powering XDKs with power banks and they will stop charging the XDKs once they are fully charged. Unfortunately I cannot use a continous power supply.

Do you have hints or succes stories how to manage charging XDKs with power banks? Or can I even influence charging behaviour by coding the XDKs?

Thanks in advance



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RE: Battery test with DataLogger
2/7/17 5:00 PM as a reply to Bodo Staudacher.
Hello Bodo,

welcome to the XDK community.

As already mentioned you have the possibility to use certain power banks without any build in logic to shut down when the external device is fully charged or with logic which automatically restarts charging.

An other approach for your purpose can be to disable the internal battery and supply the XDK fully via power banks. This results in that no recharging is necessary and every kind of power bank can be used. Please keep in mind that opening the XDK results in loosing your warranty by disabling the internal battery of the XDK.

There is no option to influence the battery charging via the application code on the XDK. The only interaction is to monitor the battery level via the BatterMonitor interface.

Please tell me if this is helpful and do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,
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