is it possible to use the "documentation" tool-chain to generate a documentation for a user project?
Or is the documentation tool-cahin not included in the XDK workbench?

best regards
Achim Kraus
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Create documentation pages for user project
12/14/15 6:50 PM as a reply to Achim Kraus.
Hi Achim,

the XDK documentation is created with doxygen. It uses source code comments to generate HTML-based documentation pages (among other things). While doxygen isn't included in the workbench, you can just download it for free  here. The Windows binary comes with an easy-to-use GUI (doxywizard) and contains everything required to generate basic HTML documentation. So there's not actually a "tool-chain" that you need to recreate, just write your comments and click through the wizard.

Kind Regards,
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