Is there a way to flash the XDK from a binary, if you don't have the source to build that binary?
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Flash XDK from binary onyl (without project sources)
12/11/15 3:18 PM as a reply to Achim Kraus.
Hi Achim,

please perform the following easy steps:
1. Create a new (and empty) Project in XDK Workbench
2. Drag and Drop the binary into the project
3. Select the project in the project browser
4. Click Flash

XDK Workbench will now automatically search for binary files in the project, find your file and flash it.

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RE: Flash XDK from binary onyl (without project sources)
3/27/17 9:05 PM as a reply to Wolf-Bastian Pöttner.



I tried it with the .out file but it says there is no binary file in the project although it is there. However there is not a "Binaries" menu anymore 

I am using the workbench 2.0 





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RE: Flash XDK from binary onyl (without project sources)
3/28/17 9:55 PM as a reply to Luis Iglesias.

Hello Luis,

a direct flashing to the XDK with an empty project is only working with the binary file of your corresponding implementation.
This is the case, because the .out file is only the object file of your header and implementation files.

If you build an XDK project once, all files are located in the debug folder of the built project. You can find the .out, .map as well as the .bin file there.

Please tell me if this is helpful and do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

Kind regards,

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