DataLogger Demo not working
11/30/15 11:46 AM
Hello XDK Community,

I had a problem with the DataLogger Demo:

I freshly downloaded the project from the download section here and flashed it onto the XDK. I put the logger.ini on the SD card. I don't find any log on the SD Card after running it for a while.

The output in the console looks like:

 INFO | Flashing file 'C:/Work/XDK-Workbench/workspace/DDL_demoDataLogger/make/exe/XDK110_DDL.bin'...
 INFO | Transmission successfully completed!
 INFO | Booting application...
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  Jumping to application
 INFO | Disconnecting XDK device 'XDK Device 1' from port 'COM12'...
 INFO | Port 'COM12' has been disconnected
 INFO | Connecting to XDK device 'XDK Device 1' in port 'COM12'...
 INFO | Connection to port 'COM12' established
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bma280_enabled: 1
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bma280_bandwidth: 500
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bma280_range: 16
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bma280_sampling_rate_timer_ticks: 1
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmg160_enabled: 1
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmg160_bandwidth: 32
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmg160_sampling_rate_timer_ticks: 2
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmi160_enabled: 1
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmi160_bandwidth_accel: 500
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmi160_bandwidth_gyro: 32
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmi160_range: 16
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmi160_sampling_rate_timer_ticks: 1
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmm150_enabled: 1
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmm150_data_rate: 25
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bmm150_sampling_rate_timer_ticks: 5
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bme280_enabled: 1
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bme280_oversampling: 4
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bme280_filter_coefficient: 4
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.bme280_sampling_rate_timer_ticks: 10
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.max44009_enabled: 1
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.max44009_integration_time: 50
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 1:  config.max44009_sampling_rate_timer_ticks: 10

Florian Harr sugested:
Hey niclas,

before go deeper into debugging this problem, can you do the following first?

1.) Open a new thread for this issue as no one ever will find it under the current subject.
2.) Most of the issues with the DataLogger demo are due to the contents of the SD Card. Make sure that you have nothing else than the logger.ini on your SD card and that it's a freshly FAT32 formatted sd card when you use it.

If 2) solves your problem, it would still be good to open a new thread.
- Florian
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DataLogger Demo not working
11/30/15 11:52 AM as a reply to Niclas Mueller.
When I formated the SD Card with Windows, I always had "Qucick Format" enabled.
Doing a non-quick format, solved my problem.

Just put the logger.ini on the SD card, insert the card in the XDK, then flash the demo programm to the xdk and it started logging. The second LED is blinking once in a whiel then. After some time, switch of the XDK and put the SD card into your computer and youll find a csv file there.
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