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Thread LockedXDK restarts if WiFi disconnected ! 20929 Last reply from Manuel Cerny
Date: 10/12/16 11:30 AM
using UDP for Network Time Protocol 19086 Last reply from Franjo Stjepandic
Date: 8/30/16 2:04 PM
Thread LockedConvert Acceleration x y z to real-world unit 18364 Last reply from Franjo Stjepandic
Date: 8/30/16 12:01 PM
Thread LockedXDK Workbench - Problem Occurred Creating Open GL Context 401511 Last reply from Manuel Cerny
Date: 10/6/16 3:39 PM
Bosch IoT Suite Error: Solid Yellow LED never Orange; Potential Fix 18161 Last reply from 
Date: 8/19/16 7:01 PM
Makefile Error: Mixed implicit and normal rules. QUICK FIX 23811 Last reply from 
Date: 8/19/16 4:23 PM
DataLogger won't Store On SD Card 25757 Last reply from Franjo Stjepandic
Date: 8/1/17 11:49 AM
UDP 18472 Last reply from Manuel Cerny
Date: 8/18/16 7:55 PM
Bosch IOT page 22452 Last reply from Franjo Stjepandic
Date: 8/18/16 8:04 PM
MQTT error: Flashing selected project aborted due to compilation problem 17702 Last reply from Franjo Stjepandic
Date: 8/17/16 11:15 AM
Time tick precision of XDK 29085 Last reply from Oliver Ilnicki
Date: 8/23/16 7:51 AM
Thread LockedHere are our Ideation Jam winners! 37423 Last reply from Jason Athanasoglou
Date: 9/16/16 3:34 PM
Thread LockedCoAP client task 19928 Last reply from Franjo Stjepandic
Date: 8/10/16 10:40 AM
Thread LockedOrientation Data Demo Compilation Error 19564 Last reply from Manuel Cerny
Date: 8/17/16 1:28 PM
Ways to synchronize recordings on multiple XDKs 17832 Last reply from Manuel Cerny
Date: 8/15/16 7:14 AM
Data Logger fails to record data if Sampling Rate is between 0-1 18193 Last reply from Oliver Ilnicki
Date: 8/16/16 6:37 AM