Bosch XDK based Car Theft Alarm
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According to US government statistics, a vehicle is stolen in the U.S. about every 44 seconds. Most of new car buyers don’t have to worry about theft, as many modern vehicles come equipped with theft-deterrent mechanisms and alarm systems loud enough to wake the dead. Regardless of advancements in vehicle security systems and an increase in their affordability, there are still a staggering amount of older vehicles on the roads that have little to no protection at all. So these cars are often easy pickings for thieves who want to make some quick cash at the local chop shop.

There are various aftermarket security systems which can be retro fit into cars but they are unreasonably expensive and additionally requires high maintenance.

So the next big question is: What can be the alternatives?

Our solution is a low cost and reliable “Theft alarm system” which is designed using very basic electronic components and has a very low power consumption but it functions as good as the expensive systems that are available in the market.

What is our Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Our secret lies on one of the most fundamental laws of physics i.e. Gravitation law. Our solution uses only an “Accelerometer” (Bosch XDK kit) which unlike the current market solutions is much cheaper, equally reliable and consumes even lesser power compare to them.

How do we achieve this low power consumption?

The system is activated only when the driver has left the car which reduces the power consumption. The polling for theft scenario is done by software every ‘x’ milliseconds (configurable parameter) and not continuously which reduces power consumption much more. Once the activity is detected, the system is fully awake and a software algorithm detects the validity of the scenario.

How can I detect a theft by using just an accelerometer?

The solution lies in the “software design”. The software collects the accelerometer data from XDK kit in real time and process it based on the type of acceleration profiles i.e. static and dynamic acceleration. Using sophisticated filter design the noise is eliminated. The filtered data is passed through debouncer logic which recognizes a theft within 3 secs. The immunity against false alarms is provided by static acceleration profile. The static acceleration is calculated by converting raw data into Euler angles.

Role of Bosch XDK kit

Our system architecture is built on Bosch XDK kit which is providing us a common platform with an inbuilt accelerometer and microcontroller which made our prototyping fast and easy.


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