I recorded multiple sensors with the Data Logger. After four days the red and yellow light started to stay lit up permanently. It looked like nothing more was recording.

I shut down the XDK, removed the SD-Card and found out that 4.194.304KB of data have been recorded (in an earlier attempt no data have been recorded at all).

When I reinserted the SD-Card only the red light  was lit, indicating that there is a problem with the SD-Card.

I believe this problem is due to file size limitation of Fat32. Is there a possiblity to automatically start recording a new file when a certain file size/ number of rows have been reached?

Kind regards Oliver Ilnicki

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RE: Data Logger stops recording when reaching 4GB file size
31.08.16 08:29 als Antwort auf Oliver Ilnicki.

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for sharing! That might well be the case. There is no such function out-of-the-box, but of course you can programm it, so that after x ticks/ seconds /writes a new file will be started. Or maybe someone in the community already did that and is so kind to share with us? #communitypower



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RE: Data Logger stops recording when reaching 4GB file size
31.08.16 09:52 als Antwort auf Kornelius Nägele.

Hello Oliver and Kornelius,

your assumption regarding the file size limitation of FAT32 is correct. The maxium file size is restricted to 4GB.

To my knowledge there is only the option to start recording in a new file via pressing button 1. I am also not aware of any community projects that include the discribed functionality.
I suggest you adjust the code of the SensorMonitorDemo to start recording in a new file when the 4GB are reached. A good starting point should be the code where a new file is created if button 1 is pressed. Based on this, I recommend to analyse the functions PB0_InterruptCallback() and SDC_writeBackBuffer() in XDK_Datalogger_cc.c.

Additionally I recommend to implement a logic that tracks the size of the file. This is beneficial, because no knowledge of the number of enabled sensors and their configured sampling rates is required.

Would that be an option for you?

Kind regards,

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