Getting Error in ServalPAL package.
10.10.18 09:37

HI everyone,

I am using MQTT to publish sensor data. After connecting to MQTT broker I got an error as followed:

Error in ServalPAL package.
 INFO | XDK DEVICE 2:     Package ID: 30    Module ID: 7    Severity code: 2    Error code: 71


How can I solve this error?

Thank you at first.


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RE: Getting Error in ServalPAL package.
10.10.18 14:26 als Antwort auf Rachel Wu.
Hello Rachel,

Unfortunately, I am not able to make any assumptions on the first glance on this error.

In that regard, could you go more into detail about when this error is happening? Directly after the connection is established and you send the first MQTT message or at any following one? Which QOS level did you configure for your messages?

Furthermore, could you give me an outline of the source code you are using, so that I am able to reproduce the behavior and analyze this in more detail?

Kind regards,
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