MQTT and IPv6
27.03.19 12:25


is there a way to connect an XDK to a Broker with a static IPv6 address? After some code and google research there are no threads for this topic. 

Just found these code lines:

 @return WLANNWCNF_IPSTATUS_IPV4_AQRD - IPv4 was acquired

 @return WLANNWCNF_IPSTATUS_IPV6_AQRD - IPv6 was acquired (currently not supported)

 @return WLANNWCNF_IPSTATUS_IP_NOTAQRD - IP was not acquired

Thank you for your help :-) 

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RE: MQTT and IPv6
28.03.19 09:20 als Antwort auf Henric Breuer.

Hi Henric Breuer,

IPv6 address support is not provided in XDK workbench.
As of now, We haven't explored to connect XDK to IPv6 address.


Vijaya Kumar B

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