BLE - Accepting a Connection
01.04.19 10:37

Hello everyone, 

I'm trying to make my XDK accept a connection with an Android app so the app can send information to the XDK,

reading the tutorial in the Learning tab I noticed it mentioned the function appInitSystem which is not present in the current XDK application template, but I tried it anyway and after flashing the application the XDK's Bluetooth isn't even detected. I'm wondering if the tutorial is still relevent and working or if I need to add any additional code to the functions AppControllerSetup and AppControllerEnable.

I tried using the code in VirtualXdkDemo, which had diferent functions calls than the ones specified in the tutorial and now the XDK is detected but I can't establish a connection with it to send data from my Android app to the XDK.

I want the XDK to, as a server, accept connections. I can't figure out how to do this by just reading the include files in the SDK. 

I run BLE_Setup() with the BLESetupInfo static variable which contains the device name, MAC address, device characteristics, service as BLE_BCDS_BIDIRECTIONAL_SERVICE and a receive function, and then I run BLE_Enable(). The AppControllerFire only checks if a connection is made with the BLE_IsConnected() function.

What do I need to add to make the XDK accept connections?

Annexed are the messages I get from the Android Logger.

Thanks for the attention.

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RE: BLE - Accepting a Connection
02.04.19 05:21 als Antwort auf João Lago.

Hi Joao Lago

Please refer the Application under xdk110/Apps/SendAccelDataOverBle in our latest workbench release.

Revert back if you have any queries.




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