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Important information regarding your XDK account.


Dear XDK Community member,

The xdk.io website will be migrated to the new Bosch Developer Portal. This migration will include all important data and, most importantly, your XDK Community Account.
Therefore, please be aware that in four weeks the website and all community posts currently under www.xdk.io will be set to “read only” and all website content will be moved here on the Bosch Developer Portal. The www.xdk.io URL will also be linked to the Bosch Developer Portal
In order to stay connected with the Bosch XDK, please re-register your account by creating an account on the Bosch Developer Portal as soon as possible.
The most important benefits to re-registering your account are: Click here to re-register!



Get access to the latest XDK workbench with great new features



Keep getting technical support in the all new XDK Community



Get in contact and collaborate with other developers



Be up to date for the latest competitions and events



Experience our new integrated knowledge base

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