HTTP example fails to build
05.08.19 08:17

Hello everyone,


as I want to use http to transfert data from XDK to an other device, I started by simply building the http example but I have an error occuring even if I didn't modified anything in this example.

I'm using the latest version of the XDK-Workbench 3.6.0


Thank you for your help

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RE: HTTP example fails to build
06.08.19 08:18 als Antwort auf Monfroy Wendy.

Hi Monfroy Wendy,

Please clean the project before building it. Because Serval stack should be compiled with the macro SERVAL_ENABLE_TLS_CLIENT enabled in makefile.

And the error occured because earlier you might have compiled Servalstack in another project in which this macro might have been disabled in makefile.

So clean the object files to build the Servalstack again.


Lavanya S P


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