I'm testing the data looger project which follows the user's guide. I copyed the logger.ini and custlog.ini to the root directory of the SD card. Then I boosted the system, I saw the configuration message on the console of the XDK workbench, but after that the red LED was light. That means there was an internal error, right?
 I tried to on-line debugging the project with the J-link and found that the system is keeing looping in the scan_files() function.
  I'm not quite sure what does it mean.
PS: Except the logger and custlog file, there should be no files or folders exist in the SD card?



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Question about the SD card function of the demo data logger project
08.09.15 02:43 als Antwort auf kun wang.
Hi Ken,

thanks for your question on the Data Logger demo. We had a few issues with this demo in particular that describe your situation.

Especially you might want to check out these threads:

In conclusion:
- Make sure that you don't have any other files on the SD card execpt the ini file(s).
- Format the SD with Windows to FAT32
- Make sure the text enconding fits when saving the ini files.

If that doesn't work, please repsond back here and post your configuration so we can look further on how to get you going!

- Florian
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