Option to read SD card on the XDK
18.09.15 08:21
Again thank you for the immediate support. Mentioning it here with the hope to help other users.

As I did not have a SD card reader, I tried writing the log file (for data logger) thru my smart phone (Andriod)
XDK would not recognize it.
Was not able to understand that this was the issue, till Bastian told me.

Suggestions: 2 suggestions
1. Please include in FAQ that smart phone should not be used to access the SD card. XDK is not able to use the SD card after that
2. Please provide an option to access the SD card thru the XDK. Makes it easy to use.
RBEI does not provide access to external storage without special permission & we need a seperate reader to read the card.
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Option to read SD card on the XDK
20.09.15 04:16 als Antwort auf Arati Mekaraj.
Hi Arati,

we had this issue before here on the forums and solved it here before, so it's known issue to us.

Unfortuantely the DataLogger Demo is somewhat tricky to get to running and we're about to improve this demo in the future. 
For now, the only thing we can suggest you to do is to use an external SD Card Reader. If that doesn't work, really the only other thing you could try is to delete all hidden files (basically files starting with "." in the filename) through your Android Phone. This is due to my guess that the DataLogger Demo has problem with system and hidden files.

- Florian
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