RESET the XDK board
13.10.15 08:57

1)  When I build the program and flashed into XDK it works fine for the first time. But when I modified a same program and saved then Clean the project then build the project and flashed the program to XDK it still running the previous program. What I have to do to flash the current program.

Normally I will do the following steps

After writing the program -> Save all ->clean -> build -> then flash

if i make a few changes in previous program then i will  again save -> clean project -> build -> flash 
but its running the previous program not the current program.

2) If I want to reset the XDK board how I can do that.

provide me the solution 

Sarathkumar Karunakaran.

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RESET the XDK board
15.10.15 22:36 als Antwort auf Sarathkumar karunakaran.

1) You seem to have a problem with your cache.

The XDK Workbench builds upon Eclipse, which is the MOST used IDE worldwide. The editor you see and other parts are basically untouched by the XDK modifications and it is therefore unlikely that there's a problem in this part of the workbench.

I assume that you have either a problem:
1) With your installtion of the XDK Workbench
2) With your user permissions on the cache
3) With your cache in general
but it's definitely a problem on your system.

If you save the file you were editing before you flash it onto the XDK, the changes should be accounted for and therefore only the new program should be flashed onto the XDK.

2) Please define what you mean by reset.

The XDK doesn't have any permanent settings storage that would justify a "factory reset".
If you want to boot into the bootloader -> Hold Button 1 while turning the XDK on.
If you want to "erase" the XDK, flash the AppTemplate onto the XDK.

- Florian
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