Evothings provides a mobile application platform tailored for Industrial IoT, enabling industrial companies and developers to rapidly and efficiently create mobile IoT applications. One focus area for Evothings is to make it easy and efficient to create mobile applications for sensor platforms like the Bosch XDK. The mobile applications are developed with standard web technologies where only one code base is needed for both iOS and Android. The Evothings platform has extensive support for IoT technologies and a rapidly growing library of code examples easily modified for different use cases. Evothings is offered with different subscriptions where the basic version is free to use.

Included in Evothings Studio are two examples applications for the Bosch XDK:

  • Bosch XDK Sensors - a basic example reading raw sensor data via BLE in real time and displaying the data in a simple numeric table
  • Bosch XDK Sensors Graph - a more advance example reading sensor data via BLE and displaying the data with live graphs

These example applications can be easily modified with Evothings Studio to suit various uses cases.


Visualize your XDK data

Evothings website

Go to the Evothings website to get more information.

XDK tutorial

Learn how to easily setup Evothings with your XDK by using this tutorial.