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Sending sensor data from XDK to an Adroid client over Wi-Fi 291 Last reply from Muhammad Salman Shaukat
Date: 9/18/19 1:48 PM
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Accelerometer Data fluctuates 982 Last reply from Francisco Llobet Blandino
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MQTT and LastWillTestament 4164 Last reply from Francisco Llobet Blandino
Date: 9/17/19 7:23 AM
Datalogger Demo 3833 Last reply from Karthiga Rajendran
Date: 9/13/19 7:22 AM
Button Configuration 2342 Last reply from Padmapriya G
Date: 9/13/19 8:17 AM
UDP send and receive from server 3232 Last reply from Alexander Federlin
Date: 9/9/19 7:33 AM
Issue with example SendAccelDataOverUdpAndBle 2952 Last reply from Alexander Federlin
Date: 9/6/19 12:58 PM
MQTT connection Failed 5894 Last reply from Rafael Lainez
Date: 9/5/19 8:30 AM
Istalation Workstation 3982 Last reply from Francisco Llobet Blandino
Date: 9/2/19 1:23 PM
Store accelerometer data 5324 Last reply from Md Zakaria RAhman
Date: 9/9/19 1:23 PM
Maximum MQTT Payload publish size 3882 Last reply from Vijaya Kumar B
Date: 9/3/19 6:26 AM
How to change sampling rate of sensors? 4482 Last reply from Priyashi Yadav
Date: 8/30/19 6:09 AM