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[Action needed] Important information regarding your XDK account! 961 Last reply from Marc Staller
Date: 7/18/19 10:14 AM
SNTP Timestamp in the message payload for MQTT Example 611 Last reply from Shantanoo Desai
Date: 7/18/19 9:52 AM
HTTP Tutorial Post Problem 1361 Last reply from Felix Kühn
Date: 7/16/19 10:48 AM
bme 280, read humidity 3143 Last reply from jang
Date: 7/19/19 12:05 AM
XDK no response to Workbench 4433 Last reply from Sran Sribhibhadh
Date: 7/19/19 12:12 AM
Connect XDK to Bosch IOT Suite 4942 Last reply from Priyashi Yadav
Date: 7/16/19 7:16 AM
Refreshing the MCU flash memory 5162 Last reply from Padmapriya G
Date: 7/16/19 8:50 AM
Sensor Data to PC 9792 Last reply from Christian Köhler
Date: 7/11/19 1:13 PM
pressure, humidity, temperature 12015 Last reply from jang
Date: 7/19/19 12:07 AM
WLAN connection failes (sometimes) 14444 Last reply from Markus Breiing
Date: 7/18/19 1:09 PM
Magnetometer Sampling Rate & Precision 12373 Last reply from Burnum Wieland
Date: 7/10/19 10:47 AM
Write frequency to SD Card 8362 Last reply from Christian Köhler
Date: 7/10/19 9:29 AM
Using externel sensor via bus 15994 Last reply from Christian Köhler
Date: 7/10/19 9:40 AM
Xdk BLE problem read data 7912 Last reply from Pasquale Naclerio
Date: 7/10/19 2:20 PM
Data Logger 10412 Last reply from Saeid Kajlar
Date: 7/8/19 2:47 PM
Bosch IoT Cloud 17774 Last reply from Priyashi Yadav
Date: 7/11/19 8:22 AM
Build and flash a project on XDK 16473 Last reply from Saeid Kajlar
Date: 7/2/19 7:52 AM
Connect more than one XDK device to a MQTT broker at the same time 11232 Last reply from Martin Scheck
Date: 7/2/19 6:09 AM
MQTT Reconnect 427710 Last reply from Martin Scheck
Date: 7/16/19 6:16 AM
BLE Sensor Services 14932 Last reply from Saeid Kajlar
Date: 6/28/19 7:44 AM
MQTT failed after successful sending 52938 Last reply from Sran Sribhibhadh
Date: 7/9/19 1:53 AM
Gather data from a JSON File 33605 Last reply from Martin Scheck
Date: 7/2/19 6:51 AM
Storage in SD-Card 22026 Last reply from Saeid Kajlar
Date: 6/18/19 8:39 AM
Retrieving MAC(WLAN) from XDK 13203 Last reply from Martin Scheck
Date: 6/17/19 10:57 AM
Bluetooth scan and RSSI 9932 Last reply from Chandrasekaran Kanagaraj
Date: 6/17/19 9:15 AM
CoAP Server Example is not working 45679 Last reply from Priyashi Yadav
Date: 7/9/19 8:39 AM
RSSI value 16634 Last reply from arun s
Date: 6/17/19 7:27 AM
Why accelerometer is giving a reading near 1g even if there is no vibration 12944 Last reply from Saeid Kajlar
Date: 6/12/19 7:55 AM
SD Card write/read & button setup 16535 Last reply from Bruno Rodriguez
Date: 6/13/19 2:03 PM
XDK SIGFOX extension is available at 7922 Last reply from Achim Kern
Date: 6/13/19 9:09 AM