Cross-Domain Development Kit (XDK) LEM Split Core Current Transformer

This guide will help you connect your Cross-Domain Development Kit (XDK) to the LEM Split Core Current Transformer. Once your device is connected with the LEM sensor, you are able to measure the currency of a single wire. The main functionality of the application is a visualization of the current sensor data.


Table of contents

  • Prerequisites
  • Step 1: Flash your XDK
  • Step 2: Visualize the LEM sensor in the Virtual XDK app
  • Step 3: Measure the current signal
  •  What’s what
  •  FAQ



  • To work through this tutorial, you will need:
  • A Cross-Domain Development Kit (XDK) from Bosch, with at least workbench Version 3.1.2
  • A Split Core Current Transformer from LEM (ATO-XXX-B225-D1X), from 10 up to 125A
  • Current-carrying wire (single phase), from a test device
  • The latest Bosch “Virtual XDK” app (3.0 or later), from the Play Store or IOS Appstore 
  • We used a voltcraft socket measuring adaptor, which is not necessary but recommended




For the tutorial we used a mobile to display the Virtual XDK app and as test device we used a vacuum cleaner.


Step 1: Flash your XDK Turn the XDK on and connect the XDK with your pc via micro USB cable.
Open the workbench and press “VirtualXdkDemo”.





Press VirtualXdkDemo.





Now press “Flash”.





The XDK is now flashed with the VirtualXdkDemo firmware application.


Step 2: Visualize the LEM sensor in the Virtual XDK app
Open the Virtual XDK app on a mobile device. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.
On the picture below you can see that the LEM sensor is not connected. The icon is not highlighted.





Plug the LEM sensor on to the XDK. Now the icon is highlighted. The LEM sensor is connected with the XDK.





Step 3: Measure the current signal
The LEM sensor has an easy clip on function.





Insert the single phase wire in the LEM sensor.
To separate the phases without cutting open the cable we recommend to use a voltcraft socket measuring adaptor.





Result Evaluation:
We are able to virtualize the current value of Power consumption device (vaccum cleaner) on Virtual XDK application.






I don’t see the current sensor symbol on the Virtual XDK App. Make sure that the VirtualXdkDemo firmware is flashed on the XDK. XDK must be connected to the LEM Split Core Current Transformer.



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