Running Embedded RTOS embOS on your Bosch XDK

This guide will help you to build an run embOS on your Bosch XDK.


To work through this tutorial, you will need:
  1. Bosch XDK
  2. SEGGER J-Link with XDK adapter
  3. PC with Windows, macOS or Linux

Step 1: Download and install the IDE

  1. Download Embedded Studio from
  2. Install it

Step 2: Download embOS

  1. Download embOS for the Bosch XDK from

Step 3: Build and run the project

  1. Unzip the zip file and open the project in Start\BoardSupport\SiliconLabs\EFM32GG890F1024_Bosch_XDK110 with Embedded Studio.

  2. Build the project

  3. Download and run the project

    You will see two blinking LEDs. The sample application starts two tasks. Each task is toggling one LED.

    More information For more information please visit or contact us at .

    embOS is free for any non-commercial use like education and evaluation, without any technical limitation. A free embOS version is available for download from our website.