XDK Community Terms of Use

These Terms of Use apply to services offered via the XDK Community and www.XDK.io website by Robert Bosch GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 2, 72760 Reutlingen, Germany ("Bosch", "we", "us") for use by you ("user", "you").


1. Range of services and availability

1.1. The XDK Community is a platform with various functions which can be found online at www.XDK.io and from which you can download diagnostic software, user manuals and technical documents as well as track service tickets, manage completed online training sessions, download and use online tools for sales promotions and find general information relating to Bosch products.

1.2. The service may include the provision of data, software, text, image and video documents, information and other content ( "content").

1.3. You must register in order to be able to use the services provided. Registration for use of the Bosch XDK Community and services offered via the Community is free of charge.

1.4. For services provided free of charge, there is no right to uninterrupted availability or specific response times, even though we strive to keep availability of the Bosch XDK Community as free from interruptions as possible. We do not warrant that access to or use of the Bosch XDK Community will not be interrupted or impaired by maintenance work, continuing development or other issues, which may also lead to loss of data.


2. Registering in the Bosch XDK Community

2.1. In order to register in the Bosch XDK Community, you must have reached the age of legal majority  and have full legal capacity. Minors, those with limited legal capacity and persons whose access authorization has been blocked permanently may not register.

2.2. To register, visit www.XDK.io

2.3. You will be asked to supply various details in the course of the registration process. You must fully and correctly enter any necessary information (particularly contact details) during registration or when asked to do so while using the services provided in the Bosch XDK Community. Should this data change during your user relationship, you shall correct your data without delay in the Bosch XDK Community in your personal setting under "My Profile".

2.4. By submitting your registration data, you are presenting us with an offer to enter into a user relationship based on these Terms of Use. The decision as to whether the offer is accepted is made on a discretionary basis. If we do not confirm your registration within a reasonable period of time by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided, you shall no longer be bound by your offer. Upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail you enter into a user relationship based on these Terms of Use for an indefinite term, and we shall activate the requested user account. Once you have activated the link, you shall be entitled to use the Bosch XDK Community under these Terms of Use.

2.5. You may only register once in the Bosch XDK Community. Your registration, user relationship and user account (together with access data) are not transferable, nor can they be inherited. In general, we do not verify your identity or details during the registration process. Therefore, we do not warrant that anyone with a profile in the Community is actually the person that has set up or is using the profile.

2.6. We are entitled to e-mail you legally binding declarations relating to your user relationship to the e-mail address specified in your user account.


3. Responsibility for access data

3.1. You shall keep your login data, including the password, confidential, and under no circumstances make such data accessible to third parties.

3.2 Furthermore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Bosch XDK Community, and services provided in the Bosch XDK Community, are accessed exclusively by you, or persons authorized by you. If there are concerns that unauthorized third parties may have, or could, become aware of your login data, you should notify us without delay.

Please note: You are entirely responsible for any use and/or other activity in the Bosch XDK Community which takes place using your access details. As a user, you are liable for damage caused by unauthorized use by third parties, unless it can be proven that you are not at fault.


4. Blocking access

4.1. At our sole discretion, we may temporarily or permanently block your access to the Bosch XDK Community either completely, or to individual sections, if there is concrete evidence that you are violating or have violated these Terms of Use and/or any applicable law, if you pass on your access details to third parties, or if we have evidence of use by a third party or any other misuse of the access details or user account, or if we have any other justified cause to block access. When deciding whether to block access, we will adequately take your justified interests into account. Bosch will warn you directly by e-mail before access is blocked. If, in spite of a warning, you continue to violate these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to block your access permanently and to exclude you permanently from any future participation in the Bosch XDK Community.

4.2. If your access authorization is blocked temporarily/permanently, you will be informed of this by e-mail.

4.3. If temporarily blocked, access authorization will be reactivated once the blocked period elapses or the reason for blocking has finally been overcome. You will be informed of this by e-mail. Permanently blocked access authorization cannot be reactivated; the associated user account will be deactivated.


5. Termination of use

5.1. You can cancel your user relationship at any time in writing, e.g. by using the contact form to inform us of your intention to cancel.

5.2 Bosch is entitled to cancel the user relationship at any time, either in full or in part, without prior notice.

5.2. In the event of complete termination of your Bosch XDK Community user account, and once 30 calendar days have elapsed after termination has become effective, and after any legal provision deadlines have elapsed, we are entitled to irretrievably delete any data associated with your Bosch XDK Community user account. Personal Data shall are subject to data privacy regulations, which have precedence and may also stipulate a shorter period before deletion.

5.3. The right of both Parties to terminate for good cause shall remain unaffected. In particular, good cause shall exist if you repeatedly or seriously breach these Terms of Use.


6. Scope of permitted use, monitoring of use

6.1. Your user authorization is limited to access to the Bosch XDK Community and use of the services available in the Bosch XDK Community within the framework of the regulations in these Terms of Use.

6.2. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the technical preconditions necessary for contractual use of services in your area of responsibility (particularly hardware, web browser and internet access) are in place. Advice on such matters shall not form part of our services.

6.3. Please note that use may be monitored within the legally permitted scope of German Broadcast Media Law and German Federal Data Protection Law in their respective valid versions, and (from May 25th 2018) the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or that a legal obligation for us to do so may exist. This may also comprise recording of IP connection data and its evaluation in the event of concrete reason for suspicion of a violation of the current participation terms and Terms of Use, and/or if there is a concrete reason to suspect the existence of any other illegal activity or criminal offense.


7. Content protection

The composition of content in the Bosch XDK Community, the design of pages on the portal and the way in which content is presented are as such protected by copyright. You may only use this content and how it is presented in accordance with these Terms of Use and within the framework specified in the Bosch XDK Community.


8. Using the content available in the Bosch XDK Community, and granting of rights

8.1. As part of his/her use of the Bosch XDK Community, the user undertakes to respect at all times the rights existing for the benefit of third parties. The user him/herself is responsible for all content uploaded by him/her to the Bosch XDK Community, and in particular for images, videos and contributions to forums. If the user uploads images depicting persons, he/she undertakes to obtain the prior consent of those persons depicted to the publishing of the images in the Bosch XDK Community.

8.2. Furthermore, the user must ensure that the content uploaded by him/her does not infringe any legal prohibitions (in particular provisions pertaining to child protection) or the rights of third parties (in particular protection of names, personalities, copyright, data privacy laws and or intellectual property rights). The user undertakes in particular not to upload any content to the Bosch XDK Community which:

  • is of a pornographic nature, glorifies violence, causes incitement or endangers children,
  • promotes criminal offenses or represents calls to carry them out,
  • is related to political activities, particularly party gatherings, demonstrations, flyer distribution or collection of signatures or content that depicts political symbols,
  • insults, defames, harasses, threatens or in any other way harms other users, the moderators, Bosch or any other persons, or exposes them to aggressive or provocative behavior,
  • is in any way illegal, immoral, obscene, vulgar, upsetting to the private life of other persons, defamatory or offensive, or contains untrue claims or abuse,
  • contains software viruses or similar computer codes, files or programs which are intended to disrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment,
  • has been manipulated for the purpose of obscuring its origin,
  • contains company and business secrets of natural or legal persons, or other content which the user is not authorized to reveal, due to confidentiality agreements, for example,
  • contains advertising for the purchase or sale of products, or contains claims to or provision of services or commercial websites/blogs/etc., particularly when this is for one's own benefit
  • depending on its type or nature (e.g. viruses), size or copying (e.g. spamming), is capable of putting the content or operation of the application (or parts thereof) at risk,
  • contains links or other connections to other content which is forbidden according to any criteria mentioned above, and/or
  • encourage violations of the prohibitions mentioned above.


8.3. The user irrevocably grants Bosch, and all companies connected with Bosch, the non-exclusive, indefinite, transferable, sub-licensable and globally applicable right to store, display, copy, publish or process uploaded content, or to use it in any other way, and in all current or future media (including print, TV, posters, internet, social media, mobile networks and applications, product catalogs and brochures, videos and displays at point-of-purchase, etc.) and for all types of use (e.g. duplication and dissemination, broadcast, making publicly accessible, exhibition, presentation and playback of audio and video recordings), including the right to process photographs, without expecting any compensation.


8.4. Unless any other use is otherwise expressly permitted in these Terms of Use or in the Bosch XDK Community,

  • the usage right is limited to the duration and/or scope of contractual use of your user account in the Bosch XDK Community and/or the services used by you;
  • you are not permitted to edit, change, translate, show or display, publish, exhibit, copy or disseminate the content available on the Bosch XDK Community in whole or in part (including use of "I-Framing"). You are also not permitted to remove or alter copyright notices/symbols, logos and other insignia or trademarks.

8.5. You are only entitled to download content and/or to print it out insofar as there is a function to download or print in the Bosch XDK Community (e.g. using a "Download" button).

8.6. You are granted an indefinite and non-exclusive right of use for the content legally downloaded by you from the Bosch XDK Community. Moreover, the original copyright owner of the content retains all rights to that content.

8.7. Your statutory rights (including those of copying for private and personal use in accordance with Section 53 of German Copyright Law) remain unaffected.


9. Using the software made available in the Bosch XDK Community

9.1 The conditions in this Section 9 apply to software, updates and/or upgrades ("software") which are provided to you by Bosch on the Bosch XDK Community for download, insofar as they are not subject of a separate agreement. In this case, solely these provisions apply to the software concerned.

9.2 Once the software has been downloaded, Bosch grants you the non-exclusive right (free of charge) to use the software according to the instructions.

9.3 You are not entitled to disseminate the software or transfer it to third parties in any other way (including rental, leasing, lending or sublicensing).

9.4 You are not entitled to edit, modify, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the program code of the software or any part thereof, nor to otherwise determine the source code or create works derived from the software. The imperative provisions of Sections 69d, 69e of German Copyright Law remain unaffected by this.


10. Prohibited activities

10.1. Any activity which can lead to impairment of problem-free operation of the Bosch XDK Community, and which overload our IT systems in particular, is prohibited.

10.2. If you become aware of any (mis)use of the Bosch XDK Community which is illegal, contrary to contract or in any way unauthorized, you can report this unauthorized use to us by post at: Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 2, 72760 Reutlingen, Germany. Alternatively, contact us by e-mail at  info@bosch-connectivity.com We will investigate and take adequate steps where necessary.


11. Data protection

11.1 One of the quality standards maintained by Bosch and other service providers involved in the provision of the Bosch XDK Community is the responsible use of your personal information (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data"). Therefore, the Personal Data generated by logging on to the Bosch XDK Community and using the available Services shall be collected, stored and processed only insofar as required for the provision of services under the contract and as permitted by statutory regulations. We shall treat Personal Data as confidential and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable data privacy legislation, and shall pass it to third parties only with your express consent.

11.2 Support inquiries and general user queries in the Bosch XDK Community are dealt with by one of the service providers commissioned by us. Where necessary, they will contact the user to try and resolve the problem, using the e-mail address specified by the user. 

11.3 Please note our data protection instructions .


12. User liability

12.1. The user releases Bosch from all third-party claims which are made against Bosch by the third party because of infringement of their rights, particularly copyright, trademark, competition and personal rights, or any other protection rights, caused by content uploaded or provided by the user, unless the user is not responsible for the infringement of the law. This duty to release particularly applies in cases where the user violates his obligations covered in points 8.1 and 8.2 of these Terms of Use.

12.2. Furthermore, the user undertakes to reimburse Bosch for all necessary expenses which Bosch has had to pay to third parties because their rights have been violated by the content uploaded by the user. In particular, this includes the costs incurred by adequate legal representation. The user is not obliged to reimburse Bosch if it can be proven that he/she is not responsible for the violation of the rights of third parties.

12.3. If any claim is made against Bosch by a third party, because of a violation of their rights by the content inserted by the user, the user will make every effort to support Bosch in their defense against the claims made by the third party. In particular, this means that the user will provide Bosch with copies of all documentation available to him/her relating to the allegedly violating content, if requested to do so in writing by Bosch. Bosch will pay for any associated costs.


13. Warranty and limitation of liability

13.1. Bosch is only liable for material defects and defects of title, regardless of the legal basis, if Bosch has fraudulently concealed the material defect or defect of title in question.

13.2 Bosch is liable without limitation only for losses stemming from intentional or grossly negligent violation of contractual obligations by Bosch, and in the case of loss of life, injury and damage to health. Liability for slight negligence is excluded. Any liability of Bosch in accordance with the Product Liability Act or in the case of acceptance of guarantees remains unaffected by this.

13.3. The limitations of liability mentioned previously also apply in the case of non-observance of obligations by the legal representative or vicarious agents of Bosch. Insofar as the liability of Bosch is excluded due to the regulations mentioned previously, this also applies to personal liability of the associates and vicarious agents of Bosch.


14. Changes to services and Terms of Use

Bosch retains the right to change, cease or start charging for services provided free of charge on the Bosch XDK Community, and to provide new services either charged or free of charge, in so far as reasonable in consideration of the user’s interests.

Moreover, Bosch is entitled to change these Terms of Use at any time, and to apply the changes to existing user relationships. You will be notified of such changes in advance.

15. Legal process for settlement of disputes

We will not take part in any process for the settlement of disputes before a consumer mediation body.


Information regarding online dispute resolution

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR). This plat-form is intended as a facility for extra-judicial resolution of disputes concerning the contractual obligations of online purchase agreements and online service agreements.


The platform can be accessed here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/


16. Identity of the service provider

The XDK Community is provided by


Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH

Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 2

72760 Reutlingen


Telephone: +49 7121 35 39513


17. General provisions

17.1. For these Terms of Use and all legal relationships between the user and Bosch in terms of use of the application, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply, to the exclusion of German international private law and UN CISG. This choice of law only applies to consumers insofar as it does not remove any protection granted by imperative provisions in the law of the state of usual residence of the consumer ("favourability principle").

17.2. If you are an entrepreneur according to Section 14 of the German Civil Code, the courts of Stuttgart shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising from and in relation to this agreement.

17.3. If individual provisions of these Terms of Use are or become invalid or incomplete, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Edition: April 2017


Community Rules

Before engaging in the Community we recommend having a look at xdk.io/guides.
There are guides on both beginner’s and advanced topics.

Opening Threads in Community Support.
Only open threads here you wish the XDK support team to respond to!

Please post a clear description of the occurring issue. This includes the complete XDK Workbench error message, a description of what your code is supposed to do, the steps you have already taken to resolve the issue and screenshots, if appropriate.

We will try to help you, but we will not respond to lazy requests:
Bad: My application is broken, please help.
Good: My application implementation asserts because of a stack and heap collision after recursive
call on the function WLI_init().
Bad: I have if else problems
Good: Why does str == “XDK" evaluate to false when str is set to “XDK"?

XDK support and the community will help with user implemented applications.
Open separate threads for separate issues and use the search function before posting. Your question might already be answered.

DO NOT request full application code.
DO NOT open multiple threads for on the same topic. We will delete double postings.

Github Links.
XDK users are not permitted to publish BCDS source code.
The distribution of BCDS source code via Github is forbidden in the XDK Community for this reason.

Threads and posts in the XDK community that are used to advertise for own products will be deleted.

Users who post meaningful content, use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or whose primary purpose is affiliate marketing, will be suspended.

Identity Theft and Privacy.

Users that misleadingly appropriate the identity of another person are
not permitted. Users may not post other persons' personal or confidential information, including but not limited to credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, and driver's and other license numbers. You may not post information such as other people's passwords, usernames, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses unless already publicly accessible on the Web.

Hate Content, Defamation, and Libel.

Hate speech and other objectionable content that is unlawful, defamatory, and fraudulent. Note that an allegation of defamatory expression does not establish defamation. The truth or falsehood of a piece of expression is a key element in establishing defamation, and we are not in a position to make that sort of fact-based judgment. That said, if we have reason to believe that a particular statement is defamatory, we will remove that statement.

Sexually Explicit Material.

Accounts that use of the XDK community to post sexually explicit or
pornographic material, or links to it, will be suspended.